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Promoting innovative science and human-based predictive models.


'(drug) failure rates are because the animal models used to develop drugs are not predictive of the human situation where as here we have models that can better predict the human situation... more predictive more practical.'


Geraldine Hamilton, CSO of Emulate

The UK is world renowned for innovation and creativity in many sectors whilst the UK Biosciences industry remains in the dark ages by continuing to rely on the invalid animal model. Innovation is key to solving the failure of drug development and the failure to discover cures for chronic diseases, which are known to be rising dramatically.

Progressive scientists are already harnessing 21st Century digital technologies and collaborating across other scientific disciplines such as engineering, to produce effective medical research techniques that 'predict the human situation'. The speed of this innovation is however, significantly hindered by the lack of billions of pounds of mainstream funding which is currently used to fund the failed animal model.

Adoption and development of innovative 21st Century research techniques and technologies that are able to predict the human response.

The Solution

The Problem


The consequences of redirecting funding are progress for patients and the success of the UK Biosciences.

The consequences of continuing to waste billions of pounds on the failed animal model is incalculable human suffering, spiraling NHS costs and the stagnation of the UK Biosciences industry.

Consequences of Change

The SOLUTION therefore is to immediately abandon the failed animal model and redirect the billions of pounds into INNOVATION

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for Biologically Inspired Engineering

Mainstream funding is essential to accelerate innovation, which will benefit patients now, not in the distant future when for so many of us it will be too late. In summary - the delay to the discovery of cures to chronic diseases and the development of effective drugs and treatments is the lack of mainstream public funding and charity funding such as Cancer Research UK.