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Welcome to Speaking of Human Based Research - PR for Innovative Medical Research

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We aim to provide members of the public, patients, policy makers, journalists, teachers and students, all you want to know about human-based research and why it's a scientific necessity for the advancement of human medicine to stop using animals, as claimed 'predictive models' of human patients, and start implementing modern technologies.

Our content is scientifically accurate, evidence-based information sourced from scientists, clinicians and medical journals in the UK and around the world. You can count on us for

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Speaking Of Human-Based Research organises publicity and fundraising events for human-based medical research.

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We're living in the greatest and fastest period of technological development in human history, yet the discovery of cures for chronic diseases and effective drugs is delayed due to mainstream reliance on misleading data from ineffective traditional research methods.

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Our Vision is 21st century medical research that applies current science by reliance on data from human-based research for the benefit of patients suffering from chronic diseases and conditions.

Our vision is expessed by medical scientists:

Animal experimentation is not only unnecessary but actually holds back medical, biological and scientific progress.


Clinician - Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine - UK

Dr Adrian Stallwood MB BS

It is now clear that medical research using animals has failed to demonstrate that it can  produce benefits for humans. Further research expansion will only entrench a method of clinical enquiry that has thus far significantly damaged the advancement of human healthcare.


Biologist - specialist in general pathology -

Dr Susanna Penco

Providing GP services - London

Dr Martin Ashby

Testing a drug or treatment on an animal, in order to ascertain if it is safe and effective for use in the human body, is not science.


Professor in Medicine and Senior Heart Transplant Cardiologist

Professor  Anne Keogh

It is obvious that a drug will work differently in humans than in animals.


Our aims

What is Human-Based Research?

Protecting clinical trial volunteers

Fiona Godlee, editor in chief, British Medical Journal - How Predictive and Productive is Animal Research?

'If research conducted on animals continues to be unable to reasonably predict what can be expected in humans, the public's continuing endorsement and funding of preclinical animal research seems misplaced.'

One of the reasons we are not developing novel therapies for cancer fast enough is that we have been relying too much on animal models. The fact of the matter is that we cured acute myeloid leukemia in mice back in 1977 and in humans to day we are using the same drugs with absolutely dreadful results. We have to stop studying mice because it is essentially pointless and we have to start studying freshly obtained human cells.


Dr Azra Raza is the director of the MDS Center at Columbia University,

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